‘C’ Word – Jan 2021

  • Researchers – Naveen Bharti, Deepak Malghan, and Andaleep Rahman – are empirically showing the extend of caste based social segregation in a village in Karnataka. They argue that the intra-village segregation in that village is “greater than the local black-white segregation in the American South”. Published in – the scroll.in (25th Nov 2020). Read here.
  • Historian Faisal Dev ji argues that studying the history of Indian and Pakistan through the lens of caste does allow one to see history anew. He uses caste as the ‘subject of analysis’ to study Indo-Pak history rather than using it as an ‘object of analysis’. Published in – The Indian Express (27th Dec 2020). Read here.

Published by Egalitarians India

Egalitarians is a leaderless, voluntary, and not-for-profit group deeply committed to the principle of equality. We are a group of volunteers working with a common understanding for a common goal of creating a casteless egalitarian society.

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