The Best Answer from the North East

This is my fourth year in the North East. I moved in here, in 2017 for my higher studies. Since then, I was curious to learn about the indigenous people (Adivasi’s) of the North East. It was August 17th, 2019, Ken Lyngkhoi (name changed), one of my friends from Meghalaya, and I were in a serious conversation during our lunch. I asked him, what does he think about equal society?

To which he replied, “I am wearing jeans and shoes in the college though I belong to a tribal community. Only then, people treat me equally. Otherwise I will be doomed in society.

Teasing tribal for who they are is still very common in society. I say that I belong to a tribal community. But who has given this status to me? Once I go to my village, I belong to an animal community not a tribal community. There I wear and eat whatever I get from the forest. People like me have to live with hesitation and fear of being judged for who we are. Until the day comes when every human treats his/her fellow human being Equally, people like me will go through what I go through. But I hope that day comes soon. And remember, all of us belong to the animal kingdom. We all respire the same oxygen as other animal does”.

Published by Egalitarians India

Egalitarians is a leaderless, voluntary, and not-for-profit group deeply committed to the principle of equality. We are a group of volunteers working with a common understanding for a common goal of creating a casteless egalitarian society.

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