‘C’ Word – Feb 2021

  • Prof. Radhika Kumar, and Prof. Kaushal Panwar shed light on the woes of the community that involves (sic) in cleaning work, their predicament under the colonial rule, and how their narratives are brushed aside even in the modern-day state regimes. Published in – The Indian Express (24th Jan, 2021). Read here.
  • Researchers – Ingrid and Surbhi – explore the default incompetence of mainstream economics in studying and teaching about systemic inequalities (race in particular). Their study pinpoints that the mainstream economists, male economists, economists of global north, and the economists who have graduated more recently are less likely to teach/research structural and historical inequalities. Published in – Inst. for New Eco. Thinking(3rd Aug, 2020). Read here.
  • Culturalist Urmi Chanda in her article (The Wire, 30th Jan 21) paints a broad-brush summary of the webinar (org. by Univ. of California, LA) on Caste and Classical Indian art forms. This article explores the ‘aesthetic erasure’ in art forms by the caste hegemonic group in India and begs several anthropological questions: ‘what makes an art form classical?; what repertoire is canonized?; how is theory created?; and how are genres defined?’.
  • An Excerpt from the India Exclusion Report 2020 was published in the Scroll.in(29th Jan 2021) that explores the plight of Manual Scavenging laborer in India and the excerpt further touches upon the institutionalization of caste oppression in sanitation work through contractorization which undercuts the minimal job security which these labours had.

Published by Egalitarians India

Egalitarians is a leaderless, voluntary, and not-for-profit group deeply committed to the principle of equality. We are a group of volunteers working with a common understanding for a common goal of creating a casteless egalitarian society.

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