‘D’ Tales – Sep 2021

09 Sep 2021 - D Tale - Egalitarians

Every year Union Ministry of Tribal Affairs offers 20 scholarships (National Overseas Scholarship) to the Adivasis for their abroad higher studies (masters and doctoral). Out of the total 20, five scholarships are earmarked for Particularly Vulnerable Tribes (PVT). For the size of India’s budget 20-scholarships-a-year is too little. The selection procedure followed by the ministry is also arbitrary. Of late we see several Dalit-Adivasis students trying to fund their abroad education through crowd funding. Through our 15th July open letter we demanded to increase the number of scholarships to Adivasi-Dalits to study abroad. The below info-graphics shows gender, state, and discipline wise diversity of candidates offered scholarship in the past five years (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20). Access the raw data here.


Published by Egalitarians India

Egalitarians is a leaderless, voluntary, and not-for-profit group deeply committed to the principle of equality. We are a group of volunteers working with a common understanding for a common goal of creating a casteless egalitarian society.

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