Egalitarians function in an organized manner, sharing roles and responsibilities across five different committees (details given below). We also hold regular monthly meetings, discuss agenda and plan our actions regularly.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Each member is expected to volunteer for a committee.
  • Responsibilities are just indicative not exhaustive.
  • Division of roles does not necessarily mean division of labour. We are collectively responsible. So, we will be working together as a team.
  • Once in 6 months committee members will be revised.
  • Names are arranged in alphabetical order. Order does not convey hierarchy.

Home Rule & Membership

  • Internal and external communication
  • Managing email & Telegram
  • Answering calls
  • Communicating our motto and work with the larger pubic
  • Bringing feedback and discussing with the group
  • Bringing new volunteers to the team
  • Maintaining group diversity (gender, educational, and regional diversity)
  • New member orientation
  • Birthday celebration
  • Intimation before meeting
  • Communicating minutes of the meeting


  • Maintaining accounts
  • Managing bills & vouchers
  • Collecting donations

Information Technology

  • Managing website and content
  • Creating flyers, letters and handling other modes of electronic communication
  • Managing social media handles (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube channel)


  • Agenda preparation
  • Preparing monthly newsletter
  • RTI  Documentation 
  • Maintaining a directory of reported atrocities against Dalits, Adivasis and transgender communities.


  • Strategising
  • Researching
  • Legal Work