‘C’ Word – Aug 2021

The Aug’21 edition of C-Word provides a summary of recent caste-based events including the undertrial death of Stan Swamy, inequalities in health indicators across social groups, caste census debate in India and a few other issues of pertinence.

‘C’ Word – July 2021

This article explains how the institution of policing is arbitrary, discriminatory, and stacked against the most marginalized and how the successive Police reform commissions failed to take intersectionality approach on caste, gender, region issues….

‘C’ Word – Jun 2021

IITs, like many other elite institutes, continue to deny the constitutionally mandated reservations for Dalits and Adivasis in PhD admissions and faculty recruitment under the pretext of merit. Scholar Dipayan Pal, in his article, exposes how merit is just an alibi for…

‘C’ Word – May 2021

Article (Published in The Conversation, 6th April, 2021) argues about discrimination in civil services recruitment. The article specifies that the quota system only provides for entry- level representation and in practice, ‘lower- caste’ groups achieve close to zero representation in senior civil service roles, for instance, as of March 2011, there were no SC secretariesContinue reading “‘C’ Word – May 2021”

‘C’ Word – Mar 2021

Sociologist Christophe Jaffrelot in his article (The Indian Express, 10th Feb) explores the BJP’s upper caste vote bank and the present government’s efforts to thwart the democratizing effects of the Mandal I and Mandal II. By shedding light on the proportion of upper caste ministers and members of parliament in BJP vis-à-vis other parties, JaffrelotContinue reading “‘C’ Word – Mar 2021”

‘C’ Word – Jan 2021

Researchers – Naveen Bharti, Deepak Malghan, and Andaleep Rahman – are empirically showing the extend of caste based social segregation in a village in Karnataka. They argue that the intra-village segregation in that village is “greater than the local black-white segregation in the American South”. Published in – the scroll.in (25th Nov 2020). Read here.