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May 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
21 May 2021Of 656 teachers at IIT-KGP, only one from SC community, 10 from ST: RTI data.Hindustan TimesEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur
23 May 2021IIT Kharagpur में बहुजन शिक्षकों के ना के बराबर होने का हुआ बड़ा खुलासा.The News BeakEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur

June 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
06 Jun 2021Upper caste dominate IIT Kharagpur faculty.The SatyashodhakEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur
07 Jun 2021IIT Delhi में SC,ST और OBC आरक्षण लागू नहीं, मलाई खा गए ब्राह्मण-सवर्ण, रिपोर्ट में बड़ा खुलासा.The News BeakEG Press Release – IIT Delhi
11 Jun 2021IIT Delhi refuses to divulge faculty composition data, SC/ST/OBCs under-represented in PhDs.The SatyashodakEG Press Release – IIT Delhi
14 Jun 2021In IIT Kharagpur, no ST PhD scholar has been enrolled in 17 departments over three academic years. Should we be surprised?The New Indian ExpressEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur

July 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
01 Jul 2021Meet the Egalitarians, a web-based anti-caste group that’s using RTIs to expose reservation gaps in India’s IITs, NITsThe New Indian Express

Nov 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
08 Nov 2021Upper Caste Domination in Higher EducationThe Satyashodak

Jan 2022

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
27 Jan 2022Brahmins Claim to Be Victims of Affirmative Action. This ‘Untouchable’ Lawyer Begs to Differ.The Wire