EG in News – 2021

May 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
21 May 2021Of 656 teachers at IIT-KGP, only one from SC community, 10 from ST: RTI data.Hindustan TimesEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur
23 May 2021IIT Kharagpur में बहुजन शिक्षकों के ना के बराबर होने का हुआ बड़ा खुलासा.The News BeakEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur

June 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
06 Jun 2021Upper caste dominate IIT Kharagpur faculty.The SatyashodhakEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur
07 Jun 2021IIT Delhi में SC,ST और OBC आरक्षण लागू नहीं, मलाई खा गए ब्राह्मण-सवर्ण, रिपोर्ट में बड़ा खुलासा.The News BeakEG Press Release – IIT Delhi
11 Jun 2021IIT Delhi refuses to divulge faculty composition data, SC/ST/OBCs under-represented in PhDs.The SatyashodakEG Press Release – IIT Delhi
14 Jun 2021In IIT Kharagpur, no ST PhD scholar has been enrolled in 17 departments over three academic years. Should we be surprised?The New Indian ExpressEG Press Release – IIT Kharagpur

July 2021

DateTitleSourceInspired Report
01 Jul 2021Meet the Egalitarians, a web-based anti-caste group that’s using RTIs to expose reservation gaps in India’s IITs, NITsThe New Indian Express