Community Welfare – RTI Repository

S. No.DateRef. No. (link)QueryApplication Status / Outcome
108.12.2020EG/RTI/2020/023No. of beneficiaries under Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Ninaivu Inter-Caste Marriage Assistance scheme.Closed /
Partly answered
222.06.2021EG/RTI/2021/050Implementation of Forest Rights Act in Tamil NaduOpen /
Partly answered
330.06.2021EG/RTI/2021/053National council for transgender personOpen /
Partly answered
401.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/054Transgenders details ID – Tamil Nadu – RTI to Commisionarate of Social welfareOpen
501.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/055Transgenders ID details – Madurai, Tamil NaduOpen
601.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/056Somasundaram committee report (regarding Panchami lands)Open
701.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/058District wise – Panchami land details RTIOpen
803.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/060Justice Maruthamuthu report (regarding Panchami lands)Open
905.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/061Transgenders ID details – Chennai, Tamil NaduOpen
1005.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/062Transgenders ID details – Coimbatore, Tamil NaduOpen /
Partly answered
1110.07.2021EG/RTI/2021/083Information on Transgenders CertificateOpen /