We believe equality stems from affirmative action that is collective and united.

Egalitarians – Honour Code

  • Egalitarians is a leaderless, democratic, voluntary, and not-for-profit group deeply committed to the principle of equality. Thus, every member, irrespective of their age, social status and duration of association with the group, has equal right, responsibility, power, and privilege. 
  • Any major decision concerning the group activity will be put to vote (either through voice-vote or electronic-vote) and the majority decision shall be accepted by the group. Any member of the group shall move any motion for voting the Home rule committee will put the motion to vote.
  • Every member is an Egalitarian. Instead of using prefixes like Mr./Miss. EG (Egalitarian) will be used as a honorific prefix for every member, irrespective of their gender-identity/sexual orientation and seniority. 
  • Any amendments to the Egalitarians’ Vision and Objectives can only be passed with two-third majority.
  • Egalitarians does not endorse any political party or organisations that are directly related to a political party.
  • Egalitarians shall assemble (virtual or otherwise) once in every month discussing work-progress and future strategy.
  • Egalitarians will not participate in any protest for any cause unless and until all the constitutional means of redressal are exhausted. However, Egalitarians do not bar any of its member from joining any protest in her/their/his own personal capacity.
  • All activity and financial statements (donations, expenditure and balance) of Egalitarians shall be disclosed voluntarily through website and monthly newsletters.
  • Egalitarians monthly newsletter carrying its activities and curated news articles shall be published (electronically or otherwise) every month on a pre-decided date.
  • Any member of the group found to be practicing caste in any manner will cease to remain in the group.