Reducing Caste to Class

Popular opposition to measures tackling caste inequality is based on the so-called universality of class to explain backwardness. Such an analysis does not take into account the prevailing disparate outcomes across caste lines, nor the historical context of caste which shaped Indian society and the ensuing materialist deficits.

‘C’ Word – July 2021

This article explains how the institution of policing is arbitrary, discriminatory, and stacked against the most marginalized and how the successive Police reform commissions failed to take intersectionality approach on caste, gender, region issues….

‘C’ Word – Jun 2021

IITs, like many other elite institutes, continue to deny the constitutionally mandated reservations for Dalits and Adivasis in PhD admissions and faculty recruitment under the pretext of merit. Scholar Dipayan Pal, in his article, exposes how merit is just an alibi for…